April Nightmares…

Every April, it seems, I am revisited by the ghosts of days past, storms past, tornadoes past. Every year I hope to be spared, but it’s like my mind has stored this time in my head and will not allow me to forget it.

Nightmare again. Tornado. This time hitting Walton, and on this Thursday of all days. I don’t usually dream about specific dates, but last night, I did.

I’m in a parking lot outside of McD’s right outside the door, my portable Ham radio in hand. I’m looking south-ish over the Kroger’s lot when I see the horizontally twisting clouds forming into a dense pack – Tornado. It’s twisting up into a funnel, it’s vicious finger reaching down, down. It touches Krogers and it explodes. Cars, carts, people, produce… all of it flies up into the sky. Large chunks of concrete walls are spinning through the air. People, screaming and twisting into impossible shapes follow the wicked procession through the spiral. I yell into my radio.

“Callsign”. tornado. walton. tornado. on ground. tornado. buildings demolished. tornado. Mass Casualties. tornado. take cover.

I run inside the restaurant, screaming for everyone to take cover in restrooms. No room left. I return to vestibule, watching the funnel spin down on top of us. Inside the eye for a moment. I hunker down. Repeat call over radio. Tornado on top of us, now. the building begins to scream as pieces and parts explode upward, twisting and spinning along with the bodies of people, bloody bodies, torn bodies. bodies screaming. The air roars. I’m shouting into radio


All is silent. I’m covered in blood. There is nothing left around me. Dead bodies lie scattered amid the debri. People screaming, dying, dead.

I wake, soaked in sweat, my heart pounding, my eyes matted with tears.  I dreamed this last night about two days from now. I just felt it needed to be recorded somewhere. It’s just a dream, I keep telling myself, just a flash back dream….