Monday Finish the Story – Almost Cries


This is my contribution to this week’s Monday’s Finish the Story from Barbara Beecham – thanks once again Barbara for a great prompt!

The neighbors were not happy with my yard art, but… if they only knew what it meant to me…

“Almost Cries”

I can almost hear their cries
sounding out across the plains
The children of the red earth pleading
begging for a future they will not see
longing for a hunting that will never be
yearning for a freedom a living free
that never shall they ever see
for they are gone,
killed the long way by neglect
and broken promises
their souls now trapped in limbo
waiting to find their peace
I can almost hear their cries
sounding across the plains
no, wait, it is not their cries
but my own I now hear
as their souls speak to mine
And I cry out to all with their pain
hoping that now they’ll listen
that now, they’ll take a stand
prevent another tragedy
cease from creating another
ridge of Ghosts and Spectral Songs
May we mourn for our past
and hope for a new tomorrow
I can almost hear them now
as my body weakens
and I lay down to join them
in the lea of the great rocks.

Starfire McQuinn

C. 2008, All rights reserved.


I apologize for going over, but the words spoken when I wrote this still speak as they were originally written.


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